School Purchase Order How To Guide


Need purchase order help? Our School Purchase Order How To Guide makes it easier than ever. Plus Bulk Apparel is giving 10% off to all new P.O. customers!

School Purchase Order How To Guide
School Purchase Order How To Guide

Completing a school purchase order, or a P.O. as it’s called, can seem tricky at first but it’s much easier than you think. Even if this is your first time dealing with a school purchase order, these easy steps will make you a pro at the P.O. in no time. We at Bulk Apparel wholesaler are here to help you complete your order requests quickly and efficiently. As well as help you avoid any unnecessary delays or mistakes. Welcome to our Bulk Apparel School Purchase Order How To Guide!

Requesting a Quote (If needed)

So before we get to how to properly complete a school purchase order, let’s discuss the quote. Depending on your school’s protocol, you may or may not be required to obtain a quote first from the wholesale distributor. Usually this is for someone else from your school or department to sign off on the price. As you gain experience with the P.O. and develop a relationship with your wholesaler, you may wish to skip this step in the future.

Save Cart as a PDF

Obtaining a quote from us is really very simple. Start by adding all of your desired blank apparel items to your cart. Next you will need to save your cart as a PDF. Use Ctrl + P (Windows) or Cmd + P (Mac) and a pop up will show your cart as PDF pages. All you need to do from here is select ‘save as PDF’ in the drop down menu. Name your PDF and we are ready to go.

Save BulkApparel Cart as PDF for school purchase order

Email PDF to Customer Support for Quote

Now just email your PDF to support @ and one of our customer support members will get back to you quickly with your quote.

Example of Cart as PDF

Example of Cart as PDF for School Purchase Order from bulk apparel wholesaler.

School Purchase Order Request Quote from Bulk Apparel wholesaler

How to Submit School Purchase Order

As most every school is familiar with this process, they will undoubtedly have a custom P.O. form for you to fill out. Firstly make sure both the billing and shipping addresses are complete and accurate. After you have finished entering all of the wholesale apparel items you want, double check that the prices are current. Unless of course you have obtained a purchase order quote from us already. You also have the option of simply attaching your cart as a PDF to avoid having to manually enter each item and price on your P.O. form. Make sure you have included any shipping charges that may apply. However, since our Bulk Apparel wholesale warehouses offer fast and free shipping over $99 you probably won’t need to worry about that. All that’s left to do now is email your signed and completed P.O. to support @

Example of Purchase Order Form

Example of school purchase order form for bulk apparel wholesale order

Payment and Shipping

Once your purchase order has been received we will ship the items same day. You can expect delivery in 2-5 business days. Like I mentioned earlier the shipping will be free for orders over ninety nine dollars. offers Net 30 payment terms which allows our purchase order customers 30 days from the invoice date to pay the amount due. But best of all we are offering 10% off for all 1st time purchase order customers! Simply mention this discount in the email with your first completed P.O.

Which schools can submit a P.O.?

We have a long standing history of supplying wholesale blank styles to colleges and universities across the U.S. Whether you are a community college, 4 year college, university, private school, state school or etc. we cater to all schools alike. For years has remained a key blank apparel distributor for schools such as UC Davis, SDSU, ASU, UCSD, U of A and more. Why do colleges and universities love ordering from us? We have become a leader in the wholesale blank apparel industry due in part to our stress-free and efficient bulk ordering process. Plus we are able to save these schools an incredible amount of money. That means more budget money left over for your other department needs.

Can my school pay with credit card instead?

If your particular school does not stipulate the use of a purchase order you can choose to pay by credit card instead. Paying by credit card will save you the time of having to fill out your school’s purchase order form. Any volume discounts will be automatically applied to your cart and will of course have the same fast shipping and delivery.

See it’s that easy! BulkApparel prides itself on offering high-quality wholesale hoodiesblank t-shirts, and other low-cost wholesale basic apparel. All of our bulk basics are great for screen printing, heat press printing, direct to garment printing and all designs. Not only do we offer free same day shipping for larger orders but we also give huge bulk order discounts. And even better, these volume discounts increase in percentage as the order size increases.

Well that’s a wrap for our school purchase order how to guide. Interested in printing on our products? Decide on the best bulk t-shirts for your prints by reading some of our other informational blogs found below.

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