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Bulk Apparel Sublimation 101

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Sublimation printing is a method that has become popular and prominent in bringing apparel designs to life. Sublimation Printing is a method of printing that transfers designs from sublimation paper onto fabric or in our case blank wholesale tees, printable hoodies, and other basic apparel. But whichever material you may choose, sublimation imprints by using pressure and heat. The process is not that difficult in retrospect but it is highly recommended to practice or even watch a few videos prior to starting your actual project. Luckily enough we are all fortunate enough to have access to God’s gift to humankind, YouTube, to help us with anything we could ever need. We hope this Bulk Apparel Sublimation 101 can help you all get the most out of your sublimation apparel projects.

Here is a nice quick video from Angie Holden for those who may be nervous about dipping their toes into sublimation.

Youtuber Angie Holden goes into great detail about how you can get started and all of the materials that you would need to do so. One of the best aspects of sublimation printing is that, if done correctly you are able to create designs with white creases or ghosting patterns. This can give your designs the extra boost to truly become stand out pieces. Whether you want to bring your designs to life on coffee mugs or basic t-shirts this is the perfect way to get started. With Sublimation printing you can not only bring your designs to life but you can also do so in unique and vibrant ways.

Ideal Printing Materials for Sublimation Printing

One of the most asked questions in regards to beginning sublimation is “what is the best material for this method of printing?” Obviously if you are beginning a new project that is a very crucial detail. It is important to know that sublimation dye does not adhere to 100% cotton, so it is recommended that you use 100 percent polyester shirts for sublimation printing. Heat Press Nation has produced this great video showcasing why you should seek out 100% polyester shirts wholesale when using sublimation printing. We attached the video above because it is very informative for those looking to get started.  The graphics are not nearly as bright and will also continue to fade over time. If you are looking for high-quality polyester shirts for sublimation then look no further than .

Best T-Shirts for Sublimation Printing

Best Polyester T-Shirt On A Budget:

The best-selling G420 Gildan Performance T-Shirt Short Sleeve is one of our most affordable wholesale 100% polyester tees at $5.25. But does greater affordability mean lower quality? Like any poly tee the G420 Gildan excels in moisture wicking and antimicrobial capabilities. So no sacrifice there. The only difference I’d say from the Hanes 4820 Cool Dri Performance Short Sleeve T-Shirt is that the 4820 is going to have that satiny-soft feel. Yes that’s not a real word but I think you know what I mean. While the Hanes 4820 might have greater comfort, you can still get a high-quality and crisp sublimation prints from the cheaper Gildan G420.

 White White White White White White White Order in Bulk All Colors and Sizes in 1 Click G420 Gildan Performance T-Shirt Short Sleeve wholesale bulk apparel

Best Performance Tee Wholesale:

The best performance 100% polyester tee is from Champion, the people’s athletic wear. Champion brand is basically that quality athletic brand without the expensive label tax (ahemm… lululemon…). Anyways, our Bulk Apparel wholesale pick for best performance tee is the Champion CW22 Double Dry Performance T-Shirt. Coming in at 4.1 oz., it’s lightweight but still quite durable. Besides the moisture-wicking capabilities of the rapid dry interlock fabric, the CW22 features 50+ UPF protection, a smooth self-fabric collar, and cover-seamed armholes and neck for increased durability.

Bulk Apparel Sublimation 101 Navy Navy Navy Navy Navy Navy Navy Order in Bulk All Colors and Sizes in 1 Click Champion CW22 Double Dry Performance T-Shirt

Best Unisex Polyester TShirt:

Another budget-friendly 100% polyester shirt is our coveted Jerzees 21MR Dri-Power Sport Short Sleeve T-Shirt. Even cheaper than the G420 at $4.83, this Jerzees wholesale top is a huge steal! We chose the 21MR for best unisex poly tee not just for it’s amazingly low price but also for its soft cotton feel and great fit for everyone. If that’s not enough for you I might also add that this far from basic tee does a great job managing moisture as well as odor. So no matter what your day brings you will be cool and comfortable. And I’m sure everyone else around you will appreciate the odor control fabric.

wholesale bulk apparel Jerzees 21MR Dri-Power Sport Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Best Overall Sublimation Shirt:

Now we mentioned this one before as being a polyester shirt with even greater comfort than our best-selling Gildan G420. From none other than Hanes wholesale I give you our Bulk Apparel Sublimation 101 pick for best overall sublimation shirt. At a very lightweight 4.0 oz. of durable 100% polyester interlock fabric, the Hanes 4820 Cool Dri Performance Short Sleeve T-Shirt is everything you want in a polyester shirt. From the 50+ UPF rating to the double-needle stitching on neck, sleeves and bottom hem the 4820 performs great. Plus once you feel how satiny soft this one is you’ll be glad you chose it. Great sublimation prints and great comfort at a great low wholesale price only at Bulk Apparel.

wholesale bulk t-shirts featuring the Hanes 4820 Cool Dri Performance Short Sleeve T-Shirt for sublimation printing.

Accessories for Sublimation 

As we previously mentioned sublimation printing is not just limited to t-shirts and fabrics. You can bring your designs to life in a plethora of fun ways. With any accessory you really get to be creative and with certain items have new possibilities with how you can bring your ideas and designs to life. With sublimation printing a lot of people tend to use this method for wholesale tote bags and their favorite blank hats in bulk to create vibrant and unique items. Although most tote bags are not made of polyester, the optimal material for sublimation, they can still be printed on. However, there is just one simple step to help the process, Sublimation spray. Sublimation spray is a one-part clear coating that converts any heat pressure tolerant material into a sublimation ready item. This will make every trip to the grocery store a little more fun as you can show off your creative designs and help our environment a little as well, talk about a win/win!

With the new year in full swing, why not try something new and different to get the ball rolling?

Sublimation may seem intimidating at first, however it is quite the simple process once you get started and it truly allows you to get as creative as you would like. You can create designs with family and friends to have a nice group event and see what everyone comes up with. So let’s all get started designing! If you used any bulkapparel products for your sublimation projects we would love to see what you have come up with, so start showing us what you’ve created! Hope you enjoyed our Bulk Apparel Sublimation 101 how to guide! 

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