Selling Tips Every Clothing Retailer Should Know


Clothing retailers can increase sales by implementing the following cost-free essential retail selling tips.

Selling Tips Every Clothing Retailer Should Know
Selling Tips Every Clothing Retailer Should Know

Selling is selling and retail is retail, are not independent statements. Combining the two is essential in growing your business as an apparel retailer. Clothing retailers can increase sales by implementing the following cost-free essential retail selling tips.

Know Your Cost

Before you even interact with a customer, it is vital for a clothing retailer to know the product cost. This is especially true in the decorative apparel industry where selling registered trademark clothing is more than pulling it off the shelf and bagging it for a customer. In order to provide your customer with the best price for screen printed apparel, you must start by obtaining the lowest available wholesale price for the printable garments you stock. For t-shirts, outerwear, hats, backpacks and other printable garments for the decorative apparel industry, no one matches the low costs of Bulk Apparel.

A great sale in the decorative apparel retail sector is not just about the total amount received. A great sale includes a good markup margin. When selling screen-printed registered trademark clothing, beginning with the lowest priced off the shelf apparel is essential to complete a great sale. The total cost of screen-printed apparel considers the cost of creating the design template, ink, printing time and the price of the apparel that is being printed. When retailers are cognizant of all their costs and are aware of their markup targets, then they can make a great sale that is fair to the customer and the business.

Engage Customers with Quality

As a representative in retail, especially in fashion retail, you must present a welcoming persona. Greeting the customer with a friendly, authentic smile and verbal welcome is a must. A second impression may never happen if the first impression doesn’t impress. The saying in retail is that you only can make a first impression once. Make it a quality impression.

An engaging greeting coupled with a neat appearance are the first steps in making a quality presentation to a retail customer. The selling space, the customer service representatives, displays, signage, and service should all be reflective of the quality apparel that you want the customer to purchase. Customers appreciate the low price when shopping for fashion apparel when they know that they are not sacrificing the quality of registered trademark clothing and accessories. They welcome the fact that, as a local retailer who stresses service and quality, you can beat the discounted prices of department stores with superior garments.

Manage by Example

Many companies, especially small businesses take retail expertise for granted. Hiring someone and expecting them to properly interact with customers is unrealistic. This is especially pertinent as a clothing retailer, which is not only product-focused but also service orientated.

Teach employees to lead not point. If a customer is asking for help don’t point to where the item can be found, show them the way, “Let me show you it’s right this way, follow me.”

Employees should be not only reminded that manners matter, but you as the owner or manager should also always shine your manners whether interacting with employees or customers.

Teach employees to express themselves by accenting the positive not the negative. Instead of “I don’t know” an apparel retailer should say, “Let me find someone who is better able to help you.” Or “Let me find out that answer for you.”

Don’t disparage the competition, accent the positive about shopping with you. “They have such poor quality” should be, “We offer high-quality fashionable colors at an incredibly affordable price.”

Every Customer Counts

This is true in all retail: make every customer count, treat them well and they will return. It is especially true for retailers who offer both a product and a service. The ultimate test of retail is fulfilling your customer’s apparel needs at a reasonable price while providing them with excellent customer service.

Treat every customer like they are the best customer. A customer who comes in for a small order today may end up back for the largest order you ever filled. It is one of the retail commandments, treat the $1 customer the same as you treat the $1,000,000 customer, and your reputation and sales will grow.

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