5 Loungewear Pieces You Need Now


Many wholesalers have seen an uptick in demand for versatile loungewear that not only delivers optimal comfort, but also presents a stylish appearance that turns heads for all the right fashion reasons.

5 Loungewear Pieces You Need Now
5 Loungewear Pieces You Need Now

There is a fashion trend sweeping the United States, as well as large sections of Europe. You might notice the trend, as a growing number of consumers opt for more leisurely attire during the bleaker months of the year. No, we are not talking about the pajama bottoms that some people wear to the grocery store and even to the gym.

We are talking about loungewear.

During winter, we just want to snuggle up next to the fireplace, sip a hot cup of cocoa, and wear highly comfortable apparel that signals we plan to stay in for the evening. However, many bulk apparel wholesalers have seen an uptick in demand for versatile loungewear that not only delivers optimal comfort, but also presents a stylish appearance that turns heads for all the right fashion reasons.

loungewear wholesale with heels

An Overview of Loungewear

Loungewear differs from sleepwear such as pajamas for one significant reason: You can wear loungewear out to casual cocktail parties and to all types of sporting events. Many fashionistas layer loungewear to account for dramatic temperature changes throughout the course of a day. Put on a piece of loungewear under a hoodie and then take off the hoodie when the temperature reaches an acceptable level. It is ideal for professionals that work mostly from home and have to fulfill an appointment outside the home during a busy day. Consumers have two categories of loungewear to choose from that include the stay-at-home leisurely apparel and loungewear that presents a professional image when the time comes to meet clients and purveyors.

5 Popular Types of Loungewear

Within the two primary loungewear categories, we have found five pieces to be particularly popular among both men and women.

Boxercraft T14 Pom Pom Jersey

This 100% all cotton jersey provides a spacious fit for both genders. In fact, the versatility of the jersey to work for men and women make it a hit among corporate purchasing managers in search of softball or work uniforms. Super soft cotton delivers plenty of smooth comfort, while the double tonal stripes on the sleeves create a symmetrically appealing look.


Independent Trading Co. Lightweight Hooded Pullover T-Shirt

Taking a design tip from popular hoodie sweatshirts, the Independent Trading Co. Lightweight Pullover T-Shirt contains blended cotton and polyester fabric to deliver the difficult to achieve combination of supreme comfort and long lasting durability. Split-stitch, double-needle sewing ensures the fabric resists rips and tears.

Wholesale Loungewear

Bella + Canvas Women’s Sponge Fleece Wideneck Sweatshirt

Wear the multi-purpose Bella + Canvas Sponge Fleece Wideneck Sweatshirt to the office, and keep the relaxed fit loungewear on after work when you work out at the gym or take the bicycle out for a long ride. Wide ribbed cuffs and waistband allow plenty of body movement flexibility to make the sweatshirt perfect for active professionals. The acid washed appearance pays a nostalgic tribute to acid washed denim jeans.


J. America Women’s Zen Fleece Sweatpants

Sweatpants have emerged as one of the most popular pieces of loungewear bought by consumers. Wear the cotton and polyester blended J. America women’s Zen Fleece Sweatpants to the gym and when you kick back at home on the living room sofa. Flatlock stitching throughout the chic loungewear resist the types of rips and tears that diminish the quality of other styles of sweatpants.

Wholesale Loungewear

Boxercraft Women’s Enzyme-Washed JV Capris

Stone and enzyme washed cotton and polyester fabric produces a soft, vintage-like feel for the versatile Boxercraft Women’s Enzyme-Washed JV Capris. Cotton produces a smooth feeling on the skin, while polyester withstands the punishment delivered by frequent use. Convenient front pockets store all kinds of electronic devices and the natural twill drawcord ensures you achieve the most comfortable fit.


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