Why You Need Pigment Dyed T-Shirts


If you want multiple options for ordering bulk apparel, you cannot go wrong by ordering wholesale pigment dyed t-shirts.

Why You Need Pigment Dyed T-Shirts
Why You Need Pigment Dyed T-Shirts

If you want multiple options for ordering bulk apparel, you cannot go wrong by ordering wholesale pigment dyed t-shirts. A myriad of different designs ranges from straightforward two color schemes to a wide variety of colors that make rainbows envious of the spectacular patterns created on pigment dyed t-shirts. Ordering wholesale t-shirts save you money, as well as stock up businesses and schools on bulk t-shirts for years to come.

As one of the most popular dyeing processes used on t-shirts offered wholesale, pigment dyed t-shirts undergo a unique design process. The question for consumers is what does pigment dyed mean and how do manufacturers design wholesale clothing that includes pigment dyed t-shirts?

What Does Pigment Mean?

pigment represents a piece of fabric that changes color because of the light reflected after absorption. Although pigments transmit light mostly from artificial sources, standing outside on a brilliantly sunny day can have the same absorption and reflection effect. Manufacturers use pigments to alter the colors of ink, food, paints, and wholesale clothing fabric. At first generated from natural sources such as plants, minerals, and animal byproducts, contemporarily designed pigments come from manipulating synthetic sources to create every color known to the designers of pigment dyed t-shirts.

The Pigment Dye Process

Pigment dyed t-shirts are created to look more like fabric paint than a standard dye. The dye used to pigment wholesale clothing sits at the top of fabric fibers, instead of permeating the entire fabric. Requiring a binder to ensure pigments stick to fabric, the resulting design does not dissolve when coming in contact with water or other types of liquids. Pigments eventually fade because of numerous wash cycles, but the attention-grabbing appearance of pigment dyed apparel make the wholesale clothing option highly popular for students and professionals.

Benefits of Pigment Dyed T-shirts

For pigment dyed t-shirt fans, the wholesale t-shirts offer several benefits that start with affordability. The streamlined design process makes the t-shirts inexpensive and wholesale clothing manufacturers typically pass on the design savings to customers. Pigment dye is as easily applied to synthetic fabrics as it is applied natural materials such as super soft cotton. Synthetic fibers do not shrink or succumb to the punishment delivered by an active lifestyle. You get a slightly weathered look, which makes pigment dyed t-shirts ideal for pairing with denim jeans. Finally, pigment dyed t-shirts are perfect company gifts to reward loyal customers, as well as welcome new members to the corporate team.

As wholesale clothing, pigment dyed shirts offer several fashion benefits. Check out Bulk Apparel to find stylish and high-quality clothes at wholesale prices.

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