Comfort Colors: Why to try Garment Dyed this year


What is Comfort Colors: Why to try Garment Dyed this year? This trendsetter brand is soaring with its stunning garment-dyed items from BulkApparel.

Comfort Colors: Why to try Garment Dyed this year
Comfort Colors: Why to try Garment Dyed this year

Although you may think that blank t-shirts are just too basic, that is anything but the case. Some people like heavy blend t-shirts, some like a nice light tri-blend, some like a slim fit shirt, it all comes down to preference and what makes you feel the most confident. Here at BulkApparel we don’t discriminate. We love all of our products equally, but like a parent lying about not having a favorite child (it’s okay mom, I understand) here is no different, we all have our favorites. Garment dyed shirts are becoming very popular because they are taking your standard basic t-shirts and making them unique. With that said let’s take a look at Comfort Colors: Why to try Garment Dyed this year.

Garment Dyeing is the coloring of clothes after they’ve been cut and sewn, as opposed to a yarn dye. This process softens the look of the colors as well as the texture, giving items the perfect vintage look. The company that has really made garment dyed clothing their own is Comfort Colors. Comfort Colors offer a unique 100% ringspun cotton that is soft washed in garment dyed fabric. This creates a slightly worn in and vintage look to the items, which is a very popular trend right now. Here are some items to give a try if you’re looking to mix up the closet. And best of all, Bulk Apparel wholesaler offers these apparel items at a fraction of the retail price.

Comfort Colors: Why to try Garment Dyed this year blog by Bulk Apparel wholesaler. Featuring the wholesale Comfort Colors 1717 garment dyed heavyweight ringspun short sleeve t-shirt in crimson red.

The wholesale Comfort Colors 1717 is probably the most popular item currently. It is 6.2 oz pre-shrunk 100% ringspun cotton. The shirt feels and look great. The 1717 is a heavier shirt without being stiff or uncomfortable and honestly, it’s the little things. Comfort Colors offers a wide array of color options that are so unique and scientifically proven to improve your outfit at least 46%.

wholesale Comfort Colors - Garment-Dyed Sweatshirt - 1566 BulkApparel wholesale distributor

The Comfort Colors 1566 is one of my favorite items. This premium crewneck sweatshirt solidifies how Comfort Colors can make high quality, yet comfortable items. The 10oz. 80/20 ringspun cotton/polyester blend is available in 11 different soft washed colors and will easily become a stand out basic crewneck in your wardrobe. We recommend the “Seafoam” and “Denim” color options for the perfect vintage washed look.

Comfort Colors: Why to try Garment Dyed this year featuring 4410 wholesale long sleeve pocket t-shirt from Bulk Apparel wholesaler.

There is something about a pocket t-shirt that adds a nice subtle touch to an outfit. Pair that with the vibrant colors and you have a great piece. The Comfort Colors long sleeve comes in pre-shrunk 100% ringspun cotton in some of their best color options, any shirt that is named Crunchberry needs to be worn and with pride.

You are definitely going to want to add Comfort Colors to your small business fashion line! Comfort Colors: Why to try Garment Dyed this year? Basically you don’t want to miss out!

Written by Bria A.

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