The Best Organic Wholesale T-Shirts


You can save a considerable amount of money by purchasing organic wholesale t-shirts in bulk. Discover the benefits of ordering organic shirts and which ones are our top picks.

The Best Organic Wholesale T-Shirts
The Best Organic Wholesale T-Shirts

When you think about organic clothing, you probably associate the word with “fresh,” “wholesome,” or “natural.” You might also associate organic with another word.


Organically labeled products such as produce and casual apparel come with higher prices than the prices charged for standard produce and casual apparel. However, you can save a considerable amount of money by purchasing organic wholesale t-shirts in bulk. If you order school sports uniforms or promotional giveaways at work, you benefit financially from buying organic cotton t-shirts at wholesale prices.

Benefits of Organic Cotton Apparel

Organic cotton has gained popularity because if its widespread use in the design of clothing and household accessories. The super soft fabric delivers supreme comfort all day long, as well as four other benefits that make the material ideal for designing organic wholesale t-shirts.

Say Goodbye to Allergies

Well, at least say goodbye to the allergies caused by ordinary cotton. Organic cotton does not contain chemicals and other artificial ingredients that lead to itchy skin and irritated eyes. The smooth material feels much better covering the skin and you never have to worry about sneezing your way through a work or school day. The less you have to deal with allergic reactions, the less money you have to spend on medical care.

Costs Less to Manufacture

Despite the perception that organic products cost more than the prices of standard products, the fact is organic cotton costs less to produce. Instead of treating cotton with toxic chemicals, organic cotton grows naturally in fields that are never treated with BT or planted with genetically modified seeds. By not applying dangerous chemicals, you not only protect the health of consumers wearing organic wholesale t-shirts, you also eliminate the need to buy and store chemicals.


The lack of chemicals like pesticides prevents the soil from becoming tainted. The environmentally friendly method for cultivating organic cotton ensures limited water runoff, which can degrade nearby micro-ecosystems. Farmers selected to grow organic cotton for wholesale t-shirts enjoy a much higher yield per acre than farmers that till the land for standard cotton.

Improved Safety

Organic clothing products go through a strict manufacturing process that adheres to the best worker safety principles. Many organic cotton clothing manufacturers follow the high production standards established by Fairtrade policies. Without chemicals introduced into cotton, manufacturing plant employees work in much safer environments.

3 High-Performance Organic Wholesale T-shirts

The benefits of organic cotton have created more demand for high performance organic wholesale t-shirts. Here are three of the best organic wholesale t-shirt options for school administrators and business managers.

Alternative 6005 Organic Crewneck T-shirt

Alternative 6005 Organic Crewneck T-shirt

Garment washed to create an already worn appearance, the Alternative 6005 Organic Crewneck T-shirt includes a stylish ribbed collar that pairs the short sleeve shirt with a wide variety of pants styles. Blind stitching on the sleeves and bottom hem resists rips and tears to deliver years of high-performance use. The t-shirt is ideal for school sports teams and the apparel handed out at industry trade shows.

Anvil 450 Sustainable T-shirt

Anvil 450 Sustainable T-shirt

Combed ringspun organic cotton blends with polyester to make the Anvil 450 Sustainable T-shirt one of the most rugged organic wholesale t-shirts on the market. Double-needle stitching on the sleeves and at the bottom hem bolsters the strength of an already durable fabric. The seamed collarette presents a refined look that makes the t-shirt perfect to wear at school and company social events.

Alternative 1935ea Printed Eco-Jersey T-shirt

Alternative 1935ea Printed Eco-Jersey T-shirt

The environmentally friendly Alternative 1935ea Printed Eco-Jersey T-shirt exudes panache to give the purchasers of organic wholesale t-shirts apparel that works well with both khakis and denim jeans. A touch of rayon and polyester ensures the short sleeve shirt delivers high-performance wear for years to come.

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