Where to Buy School Uniforms in Bulk


Whether you help run an elementary school, a middle school, or a high school, buying school uniforms in bulk should be a year round task on your to do list. Read more to discover the best way to shop!

Where to Buy School Uniforms in Bulk
Where to Buy School Uniforms in Bulk

A school administrator’s job is never done. Just because the start of the current school year is several weeks in the rearview mirror does not mean you should stop searching for the best deal on school uniforms. Whether you help run an elementary school, a middle school, or a high school, buying school uniforms in bulk should be a year-round task on your to-do list. School uniforms can include apparel that conforms to a standard dress code or the clothing students wear while participating in extracurricular recreational activities.

Why To Buy School Uniforms in Bulk

Why should a school administrator purchase school uniforms in bulk from a name brand manufacturer? The primary reason is cost savings, as wholesalers dramatically discount the per unit price on school uniforms for every additional increment of apparel you purchase.

For example, a wholesaler engaged in selling girls school uniforms might offer a substantial discount on an order in bulk that exceeds 100 uniforms. French Toast offers a 10% discount on school uniform orders that are more than $10,000. Other bulk wholesalers that sell school uniforms offer much more substantial discounts than 10%, but school administrators must be aware of the best time of year to order school uniforms in bulk. You also might enjoy cost savings on school uniforms that include embroidered or screen printed logos that promote your school or a special event held by the school, such as an annual auction for charity.

Another reason to buy school uniforms in bulk is the flexibility to use one order in several different ways. You can place an order for 1,000 blank tee shirts that come in different colors to commemorate certain times of the year. Bright orange tees make the perfect school uniform to celebrate Halloween. When Christmas looms on the calendar, break out the red and green decorative long sleeve shirts you purchased in bulk for the winter season school uniform.


How to Shop for School Uniforms in Bulk

The nine-month school year offers plenty of opportunities to purchase school uniforms in bulk. Where to buy apparel for your students often depends on the time of year when wholesalers offer money-saving discounts.

Department Stores

You can go the retailer route and still save money on school apparel that conforms to the district dress code. Retailers operate on the business principle of the less inventory in stock, the greater the cash flow. However, the timing must be right for school administrators to cash in on generous discounts offered periodically by major department chains. You might strike gold right after the Christmas season by approaching retailers that continue to have too many t-shirts in stock. Many department stores offer bulk purchase discounts after the holiday fever settles down sometime in mid-January.


Apparel Wholesalers

Wholesalers offering school uniforms in bulk typically like to unload their inventories at the end of school years. The three-month educational hiatus can change the course of the fashion direction set by school administrators, which means apparel wholesalers do not want to risk getting stuck with school uniforms that no longer have fashion appeal. You already know the financial benefits of buying school uniforms in bulk. The best option for enjoying the financial benefits is by conducting business with one or more apparel wholesalers like Bulk Apparel that specialize in selling school uniforms.

Many retailers and wholesalers offer specials on school uniforms bought in bulk for online purchases. Internet sales allow apparel retailers and wholesalers to manage inventories in real time, which reduces the cost of holding stock in inventory. Savvy school administrators pay close attention to online announcements of pending discounts on student apparel. Moreover, uniform retailers and wholesalers frequently discount merchandise toward the end of each semester.

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