Benefits to Buying T-Shirts in Bulk


Learn all the important benefits of buying t-shirts in bulk! Shop from trusted wholesale distributors for all your blank apparel needs and buy in bulk!

Benefits to Buying T-Shirts in Bulk
Benefits to Buying T-Shirts in Bulk

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You may be thinking why should I buy in bulk? What are the pros and how big of a difference could it make? There are many very significant benefits to buying t-shirts in bulk. Every small business in need of blank t-shirts or blank apparel should take advantage of this. Or if you are planning on starting a t-shirt business you need to read this. Whether you have an Etsy store or a graphic tee company, the benefits to buying in bulk can be huge! Any company which uses uniforms such as restaurants is in need of these bulk order advantages. Even local sports teams and schools can maximize their savings by buying apparel in bulk. The first step is finding a reputable wholesale apparel distributor such as BulkApparel  or ShirtChamp. Trusted wholesalers like BulkApparel or ShirtChamp have been around awhile and are going to offer the best wholesale prices and bulk discounts.


Cheap Wholesale Prices: the Best Benefit to Buying T-shirts in Bulk

The first of the benefits to buying t-shirts in bulk is the cheap wholesale prices. Why pay retail price when you can pay a fraction of the price? Generally buying apparel in bulk means a lower cost per unit. Always check with the wholesale apparel supplier to see what the minimum amount is to qualify for the bulk order discount. Often you can mix and match between colors, sizes, styles and brands.  Small businesses need to focus on increasing their profit margins by reducing their expenses. These wholesale discounts mean greater profit margin or rather allow you to reduce prices for your customer. Competitive pricing is key to being able to compete with larger companies. Lower prices means more sales!

G200 Gildan 2000 Classic T-Shirt Ultra Cotton

This classic Gildan wholesale t-shirt is a perfect example of the amazing low wholesale prices and bulk order discounts available. This high-quality wholesale tee is durable, stylish, and fashioned from 100% pre-shrunk cotton. The Gildan 2000 Ultra Cotton t-shirt is available in 62 colors and sizes S-5XL. All colors are in the range of $2-$3 per shirt and bulk discounts can be anywhere from 5%-14% off extra on orders of $250 and above. Buy t-shirts in bulk and save big!

wholesale G200 Gildan 2000 Classic T-Shirt Ultra cotton from bulkapparel

Fast and Free Shipping

Next on the list of benefits to buying t-shirts in bulk is the fast and free shipping. If you are just starting out or even an established small business, you know that shipping costs can add up quick. Every little bit counts and reducing or getting rid of some shipping costs can make a huge difference. Trusted wholesalers like BulkApparel or ShirtChamp offer free shipping on some orders in addition to the bulk discounts and already low wholesale prices. The free shipping is redeemable on orders of $99 or more. Sounds great right?!

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Next Level 3600 T-Shirt Premium Short Sleeve Crew

This Next Level wholesale tee best-seller is an extra smooth canvas for t-shirt printing and designs alike. The pre-shrunk 100% combed ringspun cotton is delightfully soft and free of impurities. Best of all this bulk t-shirt comes in 30 colors, sizes XS-4XL, and all colors priced at $3-$4! Whether you want to create an online t-shirt company with graphics, DIY tie-dye, etc., the Next Level 3600 wholesale t-shirt is an excellent choice.

wholesale Next Level 3600 Premium T-Shirt Short Sleeve Crew from BulkApparel

Save Time another Benefit to Buying T-Shirts in Bulk

When you are the owner of your business, you quickly realize that your time is money. You have to make sure you are utilizing what little time you have and not wasting it. It’s easy to get lost in trying to price shop around in order to get the best deal. When purchasing from a wholesale apparel distributor you are automatically getting the best deals. Why is that? Unlike retailers, apparel wholesalers can offer significantly lower prices for the same high-quality brands. And when pairing those low wholesale prices with bulk order discounts, free shipping, and even seasonal coupons, rest assured you are getting the best deal. Besides not having to price shop, you might be able to get some information on a reputable t-shirt printer/embroiderer. Some wholesale apparel distributors have relationships with t-shirt printers and can offer some great recommendations.

Next Level 1510 Women’s Ideal Crew T-Shirt 

The Next Level 1510 women’s ideal crew tee is cute, flirty, and extra soft.  This wholesale favorite t-shirt is ideal for screenprinting, graphic artwork and logos, DIY Tie-dye and everything in between. Comprised of 60/40 combed ringspun cotton/polyester blend, this best-selling bulk women’s t-shirt is available in 23 bold colors and 7 sizes. Plus you can’t go wrong with each unit being priced between $2-$3 depending on color selection.

wholesale Next Level 1510 Women's ideal crew T-shirt BulkApparel

Reap all the Benefits to Buying T-Shirts in Bulk

Reaping all the benefits of buying your wholesale t-shirts and wholesale apparel in bulk means a few things. It means not wasting extra time you don’t have as a busy business owner and having peace of mind you are getting the best prices. It also means increasing your profit margins and using that extra margin strategically for your particular company. This is huge and can give you the extra boost to grow your sales, customer base, and your business overall. Lastly it means being able to have the amount of inventory necessary for your business. Save yourself some much needed time, stress, and money by buying t-shirts and apparel in bulk!

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