What to wear based on your favorite Pokemon


Ever wondered what to wear based on your favorite pokemon? Pokemon day is the perfect time to grab a wholesale tee or hoodie in fave pokemon-themed colors!

What to wear based on your favorite Pokemon

It’s almost February 27th and most of you know what that means…. Let’s take it back now to the 90’s. You’ve slapped on your favorite pair of denim overalls paired with chunky hiking boots and a scrunchie to match. So you are lookin’ hella fly, but wait, as if you could ever leave the house without your Gameboy or your gel pens. On the walk to school with your home skillets you decide to pop in that new Nintendo game. Oh snap! Booyah! This new game of “pocket monsters” is Da Bomb! The first Pokemon series has launched around the world and the lasting Pokemon craze has begun.

February 27, 2021 commemorates the 25th Anniversary of the highest grossing franchise ever. Deemed “National Pokemon Day,” the 27th of this year is confirmed to host numerous special events. And if you haven’t planned your Saturday yet let me tell you what you should be doing and wearing(see below)… First off, start your day with a delicious McDonald’s Happy Meal with special pack of limited edition Pokemon trading cards. Paired with your favorite pokemon-themed Bulk Apparel tee, you are ready for greatness. Don’t worry I got all the info for what to wear based on your favorite pokemon. Next we have the much anticipated Pokemon Day Free Virtual Concert featuring Post Malone! Oh yeah baby! This will be streaming live at 4pm PST via YouTube, Twitch, and Pokemon.com/25. And I get it, you want even more… check out Pokemon TV for special music themed episodes with songs from Katy Perry and others. If you’re like me and play Pokemon GO religiously be sure to get in on the Kanto “Raid Day” scheduled a day later February 28th. “Gotta Catch ‘Em All!” Cheers to Pokemon and 25 Years of Memories!

What to wear based on your favorite Pokemon:

Who’s adorably orange with a fiery personality? You guessed it and to no surprise “Charmander” is a huge fan favorite. In order to make your own charmander-inspired shirt let’s start with a themed color blank tee or basic hoodie. Check out the Best Top 5 T-Shirt Wholesalers 2021 for where to get any and all blank wholesale apparel. You’re welcome!

Wholesale Hanes hoodie and blank t-shirt Pokemon inspired Charmander promo from Bulk Apparel. Part of BulkApparel's What to Wear Based on your Favorite Pokemon blog

For a fire-infused ensemble you’ll want to try the wholesale Hanes 5250 Authentic Short Sleeve T-shirt in yellow or safety orange. Ok, ok it’s February and unless you live in Hawaii like me it’s probably freezing out. In that case layer your bulk t-shirt and cover those noodle arms with the cozy Hanes P170 EcoSmart hoodie.

Wholesale Hanes 5250 Authentic Short Sleeve Blank T-Shirt in yellow from Bulk Apparel wholesaler. Part of the BulkApparel What to Wear based on your Favorite Pokemon blog.
Wholesale Hanes - Ecosmart® Hooded Sweatshirt - P170 safety orange from BulkApparel
Pikachu inspired promo wholesale Bella+Canvas from BulkApparel.com

Moving on we can’t forget this iconic Pokemon. We obviously can’t talk about everyone’s favorite pokemon without including “Pikachu.” The cutest little gold monster should be appreciated with the Bella Canvas 6004 Women’s The Favorite Tee in color gold. Suck it in and squeeze into that slim fit tee and couple with the Bella+Canvas 3739 Unisex Full-Zip Hooded Sweatshirt in black.

Wholesale BELLA + CANVAS - Women's Slim Fit Tee - 6004 in Gold by Bulk Apparel clothing distributor.
Wholesale BELLA + CANVAS - Unisex Sponge Fleece Full-Zip Hoodie - 3739 in color black from BulkApparel.com
Wholesale bella canvas eevee inspired promo by bulk apparel

While I love many of the different Pokemon, I think I’ll have to go with “Eevee” as my personal favorite. With eight different possible evolutions it’s undoubtedly one of the most beloved Pokemon of the series. However, for Pokemon GO users one eevee evolution has been missing… “Sylveon,” the fairy-type evolution has no official release date but is rumored sometime in early 2021. The Bella+Canvas 7502 Women’s Cropped Fleece Hoodie is cute and fluffy just like this little guy. But maybe you now have a few extra belly rolls since covid hit and well… a crop top just doesn’t feel right. I got you covered, quite literally. Coming at you with the wholesale 3001 unisex short sleeve tee in heather brown by Bella Canvas.

Wholesale BELLA + CANVAS - Women's Cropped Fleece Hoodie - 7502 in heather dust for Bulk Apparel's What to Wear based on Your Favorite Pokemon blog
wholesale BELLA + CANVAS - Unisex Jersey Tee - 3001 in heather brown from BulkApparel.com

How about a little trivia for all you Pokemon fans… What was the first Pokemon? Also known as “Fushigidane” in Japan, “Bulbasaur” was the very first monster to be added to Nintendo’s PokeDex. The grass/poison type pokemon is referred to as the seed pokemon for the giant seed on its back. No doubt you caught countless bulbasaurs during the Pokemon GO Kanto Event, I know I did. The Kanto region event on February 20th was in celebration of the 5 year anniversary of Pokemon GO.

Bulbasaur themed promo from Bulk Apparel wholesaler featuring JERZEES wholesale apparel.

What to wear based on your favorite Pokemon “Bulbasaur” is as follows. When you are choosing a blank hoodie or basic t-shirt for bulbasaur-theme it should be blue or green. I picked the JERZEES NuBlend® Hooded Sweatshirt 996MR in kiwi for its soft pill-resistant fleece and cute green shade. For Pokemon Day you are going to want to get out there and walk some km to hatch some eggs. To avoid any sweaty armpit stains I am going with the JERZEES 29MR Dri-Power Active 50/50 T-Shirt in aquatic blue. Moisture-wicking tech is around for a reason, don’t be that person with the sweaty wet t-shirt.

wholesale JERZEES - NuBlend® Hooded Sweatshirt - 996MR in kiwi green for BulkApparel what to wear based on your favorite pokemon blog
wholesale JERZEES - Dri-Power® 50/50 T-Shirt - 29MR in aquatic blue for the what to wear based on your favorite pokemon blog by BulkApparel.

Introduced in Generation 1 as one of the original three starter pokemon, “Squirtle” is the tiny turtle pokemon. “Squirtle” can evolve twice and has even been caught wearing sunglasses. So cute! Don’t be fooled by their adorable exterior though, they’ll skull bash you into next week.

wholesale comfort colors squirtle themed promo bulkapparel

Take a stroll by the water in the Comfort Colors 6014 Garment dyed heavyweight ringspun long sleeve t-shirt in Lagoon. Wholesale Comfort Colors is known for their gorgeous pigment dyes that continue to soften and age with washing. “Squirtle” can often be found near bodies of water or on island shores. With the rich colors of the island in mind, I’ve also picked the Comfort Colors 1717 T-shirt in yam.

wholesale Comfort Colors - Garment-Dyed Heavyweight Long Sleeve T-Shirt - 6014 in lagoon for bulkapparel blog on what to wear based on your favorite pokemon.
wholesale Comfort Colors - Garment-Dyed Heavyweight T-Shirt - 1717 in color yam from BulkApparel.
wholesale Gildan Gengar themed promo Bulk Apparel

Unlike the other pokemon on this list, “Gengar” is the last evolution of its species. “Gengar” has been called mischevious but I’d like to say just misunderstood. With access to all the ghost-type moves in Pokemon GO and ability to mega evolve, it’s great for raids. Apparently, “Gengar” is rarely caught in the wild but rather must be evolved. In light of this ghost/posion type pokemon, let’s shift to more haunting shades. Showcase your poisonous nature with the G800 Gildan 8000 50/50 DryBlend T-Shirt in orchid. Or perhaps you are haunted by how good purple looks on you so here’s the G180 Gildan 18000 Crewneck Sweatshirt.

wholesale Gildan - DryBlend® T-Shirt - 8000 G800 orchid BulkApparel for the What to Wear based on Your Favorite Pokemon blog
wholesale Gildan - Heavy Blend™ Crewneck Sweatshirt - 18000 G180 purple Bulk Apparel for What to wear based on your favorite pokemon blog

Snorlax ZZzzzzZzzzz.

Last but not least is the wildly popular chubby fighter known as “Snorlax.” Famous for its powerful skills and thick statured teddy-bear looks, “Snorlax” excels in the gym. This normal-type pokemon is the literal definition of fat and happy.

Let it all hang out in a Bella+Canvas 6682 Women’s Racerback Cropped Tank in heather deep teal. Since this is the season or rather the year of sweatpants I feel like some stretchy pants are in order. What better way to embrace your curves than with the Jerzees 973MR NuBlend Sweatpants in white.

wholesale BELLA + CANVAS - Women's Racerback Cropped Tank - 6682 heather deep teal from bulkapparel clothing wholesaler
wholesale JERZEES - NuBlend® Sweatpants - 973MR white Bulk Apparel

Maybe your favorite pokemon is on this list, maybe it’s not. But rest assured there are wholesale apparel colors to match any pokemon theme. You can also try DIY Tie-dye your fave pokemon colors or even make your own screenprint at home!

Written by Laken N.

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