BulkApparel Guide to Easter DIY


Have the best Easter ever with the BulkApparel Guide to Easter DIY! Fun for the whole family, create unique pieces from wholesale tees, hats, and more!

BulkApparel Guide to Easter DIY
BulkApparel Guide to Easter DIY

We at Bulk Apparel love the Spring season and that includes Easter festivities. The weather is finally warmer, flowers are in bloom, and Spring is finally here. It’s a great time of year to ignore everything that doesn’t solely bring us peace or tranquility. So let’s channel our inner child and act as though we do no not have a single care in the world. And what better way than getting crafty? With Easter right around the corner, we have prepared a list of DIYs that will bring the entire family together. You don’t have to worry about spending a fortune on craft supplies because at BulkApparel we have a wide selection of wholesale blank youth shirts. We got you covered with the BulkApparel Guide to Easter DIY! Now grab a seat and the kids and prepare to get crafty! And this may get a little messy…

Eraser Stamped Easter Shirt

All of mankind should be thankful I personally do not have children. However, my niece and nephew consider me the “Fun Aunt”, so I like to think I am still in touch with the youths. If there is one thing I know, they sure are crafty and this Eraser Stamped Shirt is the perfect project to get anyone engaged. Here is a quick step by step guide for a very easy craft with a beautiful outcome. The best part is it only requires four items to get started.

BulkApparel Guide to Easter DIY kids youth white wholesale Gildan g500b t-shirt 5000B from Bulk Apparel distributor.



Pencil (with a good eraser)

Your favorite Easter Themed stencil

Blank Shirt: We suggest the Gildan 5000B 

bulkapparel :: G500B Gildan 5000B T-Shirt Youth

  • Select and secure your stencil. Choose your graphic and secure it on your basic shirt.
  • Get to painting. Dip your eraser in your paint, go around your stencil with your pattern.
  • Get Creative. Once the outline is done let your imagination run wild here!

Hipster Bunny Baseball Tee

DIY Easter Hipster Bunny tee

Next on the BulkApparel Guide to Easter DIY is a cute new take on a classic raglan tee. Who doesn’t like a nice basic baseball t-shirt, it is almost like the official shirt of the Spring. This next DIY t-shirt is going to turn your favorite blank shirt into a homerun this Easter. This is ideal to get everyone involved as it does require a few more steps. Do not let that scare you away from this project, if anything, this is still a simple activity that is guaranteed to bring optimal fun. Start by getting everyone involved to choose and draft up their own unique design they want to bring to life and let the festivities begin!

BulkApparel Guide to Easter DIY with wholesale Rabbit Skins Toddler Baseball Fine Jersey Three-Quarter Sleeve Tee 3330 from Bulk Apparel distributor


Heat Transfer Label

Teflon Sheet

Cutting Mat


Weeding Tool

Cricut Maker

Blank Baseball Shirt: bulkapparel :: Rabbit Skins 3330 Toddler Baseball Fine Jersey Tee

  • Select your design that you would like to use.
  • Begin cutting your heat transfer vinyl.
  • Remove the design from the remaining heat transfer material.
  • Iron your design onto your shirt.

Easter Cut File Onesie

DIY Easter Cut File Onesie

34 Free Easter SVG Cut Files Including Free Peeps SVG Bundle

It is scientifically proven that any design looks adorable on a onesie. It may just be due to its small size that makes it irresistible to the human eye. Add on the pastel colors that really bring the holiday vibes into full effect and you have created what may just be the cutest thing I have seen this year. This is something that anyone can do and allows the family to get creative together. Just click on the link provided above to see an array of different ideas that everyone will enjoy using to personalize their wholesale t-shirt.

wholesale Rabbit Skins Infant Fine Jersey Bodysuit 4424 by BulkApparel clothing wholesaler


Cricut Maker

Weeding Tools

Cricut Easy Press

Iron-on Protective Sheet

Brayer Tool

Glitter Iron-On

Baby Onesie : bulkapparel :: Rabbit Skins 4424 Infant Fine Jersey Bodysuit

  • Select your design that you would like to use
  • Begin cutting your heat transfer vinyl
  • Remove the design from the remaining heat transfer material
  • Iron your design onto the onesie

Bunny Hat

DIY bunny hat

Sew Can Do: Free Pattern: Sweet Little Bunny Hat Tutorial

Another project that is guaranteed to produce tears from a cuteness overload is the Bunny Hat. All of us here at BulkApparel.com have agreed that this is an Easter Sunday fashion must. You will not only have fun crafting these beanie hats, but once you get your little ones wearing these it’s going to be the highlight of your night. This project is very simple with a great outcome, making it a win-win that every family should be trying this Easter.

BulkApparel Guide to Easter DIY wholesale Rabbit Skins Infant Baby Rib beanie cap 4451 from Bulk Apparel wholesaler


¼ yard of fleece (micro fleece is recommended)

Extra Firm Stabilizer

French Curve ruler

Bunny PDF Pattern

Pins, rotary cutter/Shears

Beanie: bulkapparel :: Rabbit Skins 4451 Infant Baby Rib Cap

  • Print your Ears Pattern.
  • Select the hat you would like to use. Gather your fleece to create the ears.
  • Curve and cut a rounded shape on the right, repeat on the left side.
  • Pair the Front and Back of the ears and stitch together.
  • Insert Stabilizer inside of your fabric to create the ears.
  • Pinch each ear together at the bottom and baste.
  • With the ears facing down, turn the hat inside out and place ears on each. side. Once set, begin stitching across.


DIY embroidered dad cap

DIY Embroidered Rainbow Hat

If we haven’t already, it may be time to bring the dads in for this one. The essential springtime hat aka the dad cap. I am not entirely sure how that name came to be, but here we are. Depending on who you are, the thought of embroidering your own item may seem a little challenging, but that is not the case here so please do not get discouraged. This activity is going to give everyone a night of fun. So throw on a nice movie in the background, gather some snacks and begin crafting your new favorite bulk accessory. This is my fave on the BulkApparel Guide to Easter DIY.

wholesale Valucap - Small Fit Bio-Washed Dad's Cap - VC300Y Bulk Apparel wholesale warehouse


Embroidery Floss

Embroidery Needle


Crayon/Colored Pencils

Dad Hat bulkapparel :: Valucap VC300Y Small Fit Bio-Washed Unstructured Cap

  • Grab your dad hat of choice.
  • Draw your design on your hat using crayon or colored pencil.
  • Separate strands of floss. Thread the needle and back stitch over your drawing.
  • Repeat the back stitches with your selected colors.


DIY painted bunny t-shirt

BulkApparel Guide to Easter DIY with wholesale bella+canvas 3001y youth unisex jersey tee from BulkApparel wholesale warehouse.



Blue masking tape


Bunny Template


Pom Pom

Blank T-shirtbulkapparel :: Bella + Canvas 3001Y Youth Short Sleeve Crewneck Jersey Tee

  • Print out your bunny template and transfer to cardboard.
  • Select your preferred bulk t-shirt.
  • Center Stencil on shirt. Place a cloth over the stencil.
  • Press/Iron the stencil to your shirt.
  • Use blue masking tape to create stripes on the bunny.
  • Paint the bright coral in the stripes.
  • After the paint has dried, remove the tape.
  • Add any detail (a pom pom for the tail is too good to pass on.)

Easter can symbolize a lot of different things depending on who you are, but I think we can all agree that taking the time to spend with family and loved ones is always important. Why not take the time to create memories and celebrate with the BulkApparel Guide to Easter DIY!

Written by Bria A.

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