DIY T-Shirt Trends 2020


Check out this step by step guide for the top DIY T-Shirt Trends 2020! Turn your wholesale tee into a fashion statement w. these easy budget-friendly ideas!

DIY T-Shirt Trends 2020
DIY T-Shirt Trends 2020

While many still have extra free time on hand, DIY home projects are increasingly more popular for 2020. From DIY Tie-Dye  and DIY Fashion Face Masks to At home T-Shirt Printing, fashion oriented DIY’s are all the rage. With current summer trends in mind let’s take a look at the basic t-shirt. Although the basic tee has remained relatively unchanged, 2020 is sporting some new t-shirt trends. Sure you can buy the hottest tshirt trends from high-priced retailers or you can save big buying wholesale t-shirts and do it yourself. These top wholesale DIY t-shirt trends 2020 are quick and easy and require minimal skill. And I definitely haven’t forgotten about the guys. I’ve included the how to steps as well as styling tips for this summer season 2020.

Don’t forget to check out my other in depth blogs on DIY Tie-Dye and How to Start an Online T-shirt Business from Home! You can easily tie it all together to create a unique brand of your own. Hope you guys enjoy!

DIY wholesale t-shirt trend for 2020 from Who What Wear

DIY T-Shirt Muscle Tee Trends 2020

Now let’s start with a super simple augmentation of the basic tshirt. This is a unisex look which can look great on both men and women. I give you the muscle tee or rather a unisex sleeveless tank. With the stigma of gymrat attire, you wouldn’t assume the muscle tank could actually create an effortless and sophisticated look.

How to cut your fave wholesale t-shirt into a muscle tee:


Start by putting on the wholesale shirt and find the widest part of your chest. I find this looks better when the bulk t-shirt is a bit loose. Once you have found the largest part of your boobs, now decide how big you want the armhole to be. Ladies a larger armhole can be used for a little side boob action. Moreover, don’t underestimate the power of the side boob. Next mark an equal point on both sides where you want the armhole to end and then add two inches. If you buy wholesale tshirts in bulk most will cost you about $2-$5 each so you can just try another. For my “well in doubt” chesty women you can even add a third inch down.

Step 2:

Next, fold your unisex shirt in half making sure its perfectly flat and the seams are lined up. It’s definitely a personal preference how far past the sleeve seam you want to cut. I generally cut about 2 inches in but you can always cut more.

Step 3:

 Don’t stress if your cuts are not perfect. The raw edge imperfection is very trendy right now but if you don’t like it there’s an easy solution. Fold each sleeve underneath about 1/2 inch and make 2-4 very small stitches. No need to hem all the way around, a couple stitches will do just fine.


For women try styling your now completed muscle tee with a high waisted skirt or high-waisted pants with roomy leg openings. Complete the look with open-toed sandals or your favorite heels. With a simple outfit like this it’s great to accessorize strategically with a necklace and handbag. For men throw on a pair of fitted jeans and a pair of suede or leather low-cut boots. Don’t be afraid to accessorize! A nice watch or simple necklace can make a big difference. And for every one of the top DIY T-Shirt Trends 2020 I will also provide a pre-made purchase option.

wholesale DIY tshirt trend muscle tee bulkapparel, bella canvas 6003 women's muscle tank

Bella + Canvas 6003 Women’s Jersey Muscle Tank: 

Consisting of airlume combed and ringspun 100% cotton, the Bella Canvas 6003 Women’s Tank is a summer 2020 must-have! This wholesale tank top has been removed of impurities for a softer hand and better printability. Also features side seams, relaxed fit, and a curved hem bottom. This one’s exceptional for graphic tees and t-shirt printing.

wholesale Jerzees 29SR Dri-Power Sleeveless Unisex 50 50 T-Shirt from BulkApparel

Jerzees 29SR Dri-Power Active Sleeveless 50/50 T-Shirt:

This Jerzees sleeveless tank is made from pre-shrunk 50/50 cotton/poly fabric and comes in 9 classic colors. This wholesale favorite is just one of the advanced moisture-management performance-wear garments BulkApparel offers. Noticeably softer with ultimate printability, you won’t want to miss out on this one!

Mastering the DIY T-Shirt Trends 2020: The Textured T-Shirt

According to the fashion insiders at Who What Wear the textured t-shirt trend is going strong for 2020. Texture is a great way to make an outfit more interesting without having to try too hard. If you have an old sweater or knit crewneck sweatshirt you are already half way there. I tried this with an old overstretched turtle neck I had laying around.

How to create a textured t-shirt: DIY T-Shirt Trends 2020:

This top wholesale DIY T-Shirt Trend 2020 is very simple with a solid effect on your outfit. Remember subtlety is key this summer 2020! Simple items with a subtle flair are amazingly transitional from day to night. And most likely you won’t have to go shopping for this one. Find an old long sleeve sweater and either cut off the sleeves completely or 2/3 of the way. And since the knitted shirt is textured the raw edges will emphasize texture throughout. However, depending on the knit material and structure you may need to hem just to keep it together. 3 Ways to Hand Stitch a Hem Check out these simple hand stitched hems since, lets be honest, who actually owns a sewing machine.

DIY t-shirt trend 2020 textured t-shirt from Zara

The DIY Henley/Cardigan T-Shirt

There’s a few different ways you can achieve the DIY henley t-shirt or the DIY cardigan t-shirt. Start with a blank t-shirt or basic long sleeve. I prefer a crewneck tshirt for the DIY Henley and a v-neck tshirt for the DIY cardigan. Basically the only difference between a cardigan and a henley is whether its a partial or full button down/zip etc.

wholesale Bella+Canvas 3150 long sleeve jersey henley from BulkApparel

Bella+Canvas 3150 Long Sleeve Jersey Henley:

The Bella + Canvas 3150 wholesale long sleeve jersey henley is made of impurity free 100% airlume combed and ringspun cotton. This extra soft premium material is a top choice for screenprinters and t-shirt designers alike. Easily a bulk apparel fave, the 3150 features side seams, retail fit, tonal 4 button placket, and convenient tearaway label.

How to make a henley from regular wholesale t-shirt:

Step 1:

Take your blank wholesale t-shirt and lay it flat. Gather a pair of scissors, a few buttons, some bias tape, and of course a sewing machine with thread. Although you can use any t-shirt to try this, an apparel wholesaler offers exceptional shirts at a fraction of retail prices.

wholesale Anvil 6750VL women's triblend v-neck tshirt from bulkapparel

Anvil 6750VL Women’s Triblend V-Neck T-Shirt

Triblend tshirts are a unique and premium soft blend of usually polyester, combed ringspun cotton, and rayon. The Anvil 6750VL triblend women’s v-neck is semi-fitted with contoured silhouette and comes in 17 gorgeous colors.

wholesale Next Level 6240 Fitted CVC V-Neck Tee from BulkApparel

Next Level 6240 Fitted CVC V-Neck Tee

The Next Level 6240 Fitted CVC V-Neck Tee is a delightfully soft blend of 60/40 combed ringspun cotton and polyester. CVC tshirts create a perfectly smooth surface for quality screenprints, DTG, heat transfers, etc. And this bestselling wholesale CVC tshirt comes in 21 fun colors!

Step 2:

Cut enough bias tape to go around the neckline and about 4 inches down the tshirt. Cut each end of the tape into a “V” shape and press down so it holds the shape. Using a ruler and a marker to ensure a straight line, measure 4 inches down in the very center of the neckline. Then cut down the marked line.

Step 3:

Take one end of your cut bias tape and pin flat on the tshirt starting at the bottom of the cut you just made. Remember that half of the bias tape is on the outside and half on the inside (kindof like the bias tape is a taco to one side of your neckline slit.) And should be pinned and sewn as such. You will then repeat this same process on the other side except that the bias tape will be twice as wide on this second side. The idea is that the bias tape from the second side completely under-laps the first side. This will allow you to add functional buttons.

Step 4:

Next, cut a small square piece of bias tape to stitch over the bottom ends of the two sides of bias tape. Place square over bottom ends and then stitch around the square and also an “X” in the middle of the square. Now “taco” fold around the neckline with bias tape and then stitch. Make a few button holes on the side with the double sized bias tape. And lastly stitch corresponding buttons to the top/latter side. And there you go! Check out below to learn how to hand stitch buttons.

The Scoop Neck Distressed Tee: DIY T-Shirt Trends 2020

The scoop neck distressed tee can be seen among countless retailers but at that retail price. We all love the distressed look for 2020 but why should you pay for a tshirt with tears in it. As far as I’m concerned I am more than capable of ripping and tearing my own ratty clothes. So lets save some cash and DIY Scoop Neck Distressed T-shirt!

Step 1:

The first step to the DIY Scoop Neck Distressed Tee is picking the perfect t-shirt either from your own closet or an online wholesaler. In my opinion, the best distressed tees come from a very thin and delicate fabric. My favorite wholesale t-shirts are as follows….. And here’s some info on why buying tshirts wholesale is the way to go.

Wholesale Bella + Canvas 3413 Unisex Triblend Short Sleeve Tee, DIY T-Shirt Trends 2020

Bella + Canvas 3413 Unisex Triblend Short Sleeve Tee

At an ultra lightweight 3.8oz., this Bella + Canvas triblend customer fave is an excellent choice. This triblend tshirt is made of a combination of 50/25/25 polyester, airlume ringspun cotton, and rayon. I absolutely love triblends because of how incredibly soft they are. Especially for the distressed tshirt look we are trying to replicate, I would recommend a tri-blend tee. Another great thing is this wholesale tee comes in 48 different colors.

wholesale BELLA + CANVAS Women’s Flowy Cropped Tee 8882 from BulkApparel, DIY T-Shirt Trends 2020

Bella + Canvas 8882 Women’s Flowy Cropped Tee

Since I’m a big fan of the flattering summer wholesale crop tops, my second recommendation is the 8882 flowy cropped tee. Although it’s not a triblend, the 8882 consists of lightweight extra soft 3.7oz. poly/viscose blend. It’s going to hang nicely and look great as a scoop neck distressed tee.


Step 2:

This step we will be cutting the scoop neck. It’s fairly simple but we just need to make sure it’s pretty even. Fold your bulk tshirt in half so that each side is perfectly lined up. Now this next part is up to your discretion. Measure down from the crew neck portion of the shirt 1/2 to 1 inch(or more if you want) along the entire neckline. Mark along with a washable fabric marker or crayon.

Step 3:

Cut directly down the middle (opposite side of tshirt shoulders) of the neckline up until the marked line. Now cut along your marked line. So you will be cutting the front and back at the same time. There’s no need to hem the newly cut neckline since we are going for the distressed look.

Step 4:

Moving on, let’s start distressing this basic tee. You may choose to use scissors or hand tearing for the rips, however I think sandpaper provides a more authentic distressed appearance. You can find sandpaper at any Home Depot, Walmart, etc. and probably in your own garage if you looked.

How to distress your t-shirt using sandpaper: 
Place a hardcover book or any hard flat object inside your basic tshirt. Start using the sandpaper on any part of the shirt you wish but try to focus on the seams. Instead of using the sandpaper all over, I recommend picking a few clustered areas to really dig into.  For some extra distressing, wash your wholesale tee in bleach to break down the fibers a bit. If you really want to get creative with it try the bleach tie-dye technique! And that’s pretty much it, very straightforward. Check out Nicole Guerriero’s youtube video for more tshirt distressing tips.

How to Style the DIY Scoopneck Distressed Tee:

To complete the look, pair with dark leggings/jeans and knee high or lowcut leather boots. For guys try a skinny or slender cut jean with low cut suede boots. Accessories like a watch with a thick gold/rose gold band or a pendant necklace can do a great deal for this simple outfit.

Neiman Marcus Zadig Voltaire Cara Scoop Neck Distressed T-Shirt

Neiman Marcus Zadig Voltaire Cara Scoop Neck Distressed T-Shirt

DIY Minimalist Graphic Tee:

One of the top DIY T-Shirt Trends 2020 is undoubtedly the minimalist graphic t-shirt. Instead of a big bold graphic to cover your t-shirt, opt for the minimalist graphic this season. Pick a single-lined quote you like or rather a small (3-4 inch) piece of artwork you can easily print on a corner of your tshirt.

Step 1:

There are many various methods of t-shirt printing including DTG, heat transfer, sublimation, screenprinting, etc. For the sake of making this as simple and cheap as possible (assuming you don’t own any t-shirt printing equipment) we are going to choose iron heat transfers. You can find a large variety of heat transfer designs from sites like ProWorld or you can create your own iron-on transfer. A 100% cotton tshirt works best for this method due to its ability to withstand high temperatures. Check out this video from Crafting Boss for more tips!

Step 2:

How to apply the iron heat transfer:
Using an iron, preheat the desired area of your blank tshirt for 10-15 seconds. Do this on backside as well. Place your iron on design with clear backing side UP onto your blank tee where you want it placed. Now grab a thin towel and place over design. Next, using the iron apply constant (DO NOT LIFT UP OR MOVE AROUND) pressure on the transfer for 10-15 seconds. This is very important.

Step 3:

Depending on the brand of heat transfer, this will determine how you remove the plastic lining. Some will specify to remove when the fabric is still warm or rather when it’s cooled for a few minutes. Normally for plain matte and solid colored graphics you will be doing the warm peel off. Remove the clear lining carefully and allow to cool for a few seconds before touching. Don’t worry if your design lifts up a little with the lining, this can be fixed. Gently place back down and press again with your heated iron.


The minimalist graphic tee is is versatile enough to go with sweats, blazers, and really anything. But I like to tie it into a crop tee and pair it with ripped/distressed shorts and closed-toe flats. With distressed jean pants try tucking in your graphic tee and choosing small (2-3 inch) closed-toe heels.

Wholesale G640 Gildan T-Shirt 64000 Softstyle from BulkApparel, DIY T-Shirt Trends 2020

100% Cotton G640 Gildan 64000 Softstyle T-Shirt 

Made from 100% pre-shrunk ringspun cotton, the Gg40 Softstyle Tee is a long standing bestseller. Features include double-needle stitching, quarter-turned body, taped neck and shoulder, and convenient tearaway label. And with 59 color options you are bound to find one that suits you.

Urban Outfitters Mentally Gone Tee

Urban Outfitters Mentally Gone Tee

This concludes Part 1 of the top DIY T-Shirt Trends 2020. See Part 2 for even more how to re-fashion t-shirt ideas!


DIY T-Shirt Trends 2020 Part 2

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