How To Pick The Best Cotton Density


How do woven fabrics like cotton perform on the durability scale? The answer lies in a fashion term referred to as cotton density. Read more to find out how to pick the perfect cotton density for your project.

How To Pick The Best Cotton Density
How To Pick The Best Cotton Density

As opposed to the lesser known factor of cotton density, you have probably heard about the benefits of wearing cotton fiber wholesale t-shirts. Of course, affordable price sits near the top of the benefits list, as wholesale distributors often offer customers such as school administrators bulk discounts and other discounts to increase sales. Super soft cotton feels smooth on the skin to allow students and faculty to enjoy supreme fabric comfort throughout every school day. Cotton typically represents the best material for tie-dye t-shirts because the material does not bleed bright colors. Many t-shirt manufacturers love to use cotton because the material offers superior breathability.

Picking the Best Cotton Density

How do woven fabrics like cotton perform on the durability scale? The answer lies in a fashion term referred to as cotton density.

An Overview of Cotton Density

The density of cotton contributes to the weight of the fabric composition of a t-shirt. A small size Fruit of the Loom Budget t-shirt weights 5 ounces, while a medium Gildan Softstyle t-shirt weights just under 4.5 ounces. An extra large American Apparel t-shirt comes in at 5.5 ounces. The average weight range of cotton used to make wholesale t-shirts runs between four and five ounces. The rule of thumb for cotton density is the tighter the woven fabrics, the heavier cotton density. Heavier blank t-shirts tend to withstand more punishment, which makes the apparel ideal for sports uniforms and outdoor recreational clothing. Long sleeve shirts tend to contain heavier cotton density fabrics that offer long-lasting durability.

Gildan produces t-shirts with three different cotton weights which provide a good example for understanding the characteristics of wholesale cotton t-shirts.

Gildan Ultra Cotton 6.0 Ounces

Cotton Density

At six ounces, the Ultra Cotton wholesale t-shirts deliver the highest cotton density of the three short sleeve shirts. The heavy cotton shirt offers the perfect backdrop for printing names and logos, as well as it holds up extremely well after countless wash and dry cycles. As moderate to heavy use apparel, the Ultra Cotton t-shirt from Gildan makes the ultimate t-shirt for outdoor recreational activities. High cotton density does not diminish the comfort level of the 6.0-ounce t-shirt. In fact, it is the softest of the three short sleeve shirts.

Gildan Heavy Cotton 5.3 Ounces

Cotton Density

As the most affordable of the wholesale t-shirts, the Gildan Heavy Cotton 5.3 Ounces represents a middle of the road t-shirt in terms of cotton density. The Gildan t-shirt is considered one of the best fabrics to print on for fundraisers and other types of charity events. Although Gildan refers to the t-shirt as “heavy,” it actually is the perfect example of a mid-weight cotton density t-shirt. Light enough for warmer climates, the 5.3-0unce cotton t-shirt features a standard torso fit to deliver long-lasting comfort. Sizes for the shirt run up to 3XL, which gives school administrators the fashion flexibility to order the casual apparel for virtually every student. Gildan even designs the Heavy Cotton t-shirt for toddlers.

Gildan Dryblend 50/50 5.6 Ounces

Cotton Density

Some printers prefer to work with cotton and polyester blended wholesale t-shirts. Gildan answers the call for blended cotton and polyester by designing and manufacturing the Dryblend 50/50 5.6 Ounces. Polyester reduces shrinkage, while the 5.6 ounces of cotton density retains bright colors admirably well, as well as delivers quick-drying cycles. School administrators in search of a balance between comfort and durability should like the results produced by the middle of the road cotton density provided by the Dryblend fabric.


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