Why Safety Green Is Not Just For Workwear


Safety green is a color with superior visibility suited for jobs like road crews and utility workers. Discover some other lesser-known uses in this article.

Why Safety Green Is Not Just For Workwear
Why Safety Green Is Not Just For Workwear

Safety green is an internationally recognized color for high visibility. Described as fluorescent or day-glow green, it is a highly visible bright color that stands out from surrounding environments. Safety green is a mint green combined with bright yellow that makes it a color with superior visibility. This work safety color is used in accordance with OSHA standards by road crews, traffic officers, runway personnel, utility workers and others to make their presence seen quickly, clearly and from a distance.

This bright color should also be worn by walkers, joggers, bikers, and hikers. Its high visibility keeps drivers aware of your presence. Safety green may not be a fashion statement. It is, however, a safety statement.

When buying wholesale apparel, don’t forget children’s sizes. Retailers often think of stocking adult sizes of safety green workwear and forget the many other uses for this important color. Fluorescent green is perfect for children, teens, and young adults engaged in biking, skateboarding, sporting activities, field trips, outings, and attending events.
It’s not just for work safety, it is also essential for play safety. Safety green apparel is also available for children in everyday playwear such as t-shirts, a long sleeve jersey, and sweatshirts.

High Visibility for Every Season

Safety Green for workers is available in a range of seasonal apparel, heavy coats, rain suits, jackets, sweatshirts, long sleeve jerseys, t-shirts, and vests. There is perfect high visibility apparel for every season. Fluorescent apparel for indoors and warmer weather includes jerseys, polos, and t-shirts. Screen printers can buy wholesale quantities of safety green apparel at low prices through bulkapparel.com. Popular choices for warmer weather include the Gildan 2000 Ultra Cotton T-Shirt.

Gildan 200B Ultra Cotton Youth T-Shirt.

This comfortable lightweight t-shirt is perfect for landscaping companies, garden supply outlets, and nursery staff. A comparable selection for children for camps, school outings, day trips, sports teams, playing or a day trip with parents is the Gildan 200B Ultra Cotton Youth T-Shirt.

Jerzees 996MR NuBlend Hooded Sweatshirt

This screen printer’s favorite is a 100% ComfortSoft Cotton tagless t-shirt in safety green. It’s an affordable solution for customers who need to outfit their staff for outdoor work in the heat as well as indoors.
For the cooler weather of Spring, Autumn, and Winter, nothing beats the versatile hoodie in safety green by Jerzees. For adults, the Jerzees 996MR NuBlend Hooded Sweatshirt is a pre-shrunk 50/50 cotton/polyester blend with rib cuff and waistband which offers a smooth printing canvas.

Jerzees 996YR NuBlend Youth Hooded Sweatshirt

A compatible safety green Jerzees 996YR NuBlend Youth Hooded Sweatshirt with a front pouch pocket and a two-ply hood is available in four sizes at a very competitive price from Bulk Apparel for youth.

Hanes 43XO XTemp Women’s Sports Shirt

Other Reasons for High Visibility

No matter what style is needed in safety green for work, play, events or gatherings, the versatile clothing retailer can stock safety green in a variety of apparel choices. Fashionable apparel in this color includes the Hanes 43XO XTemp Women’s Sports Shirt with moisture-wicking properties to keep cool all day even on stressed or warm days. This pre-shrunk 60/40 ring spun cotton/polyester blend features a welt collar and four buttons with printable surfaces on front and back.

The Hanes 43XO XTemp Women’s Sports Shirt

The Hanes 43XO XTemp Women’s Sports Shirt is an excellent choice for women in retail, customer service, schools, and outdoor services. Great for parking lot monitors, crowd control and event organizers in comfortable, fashionable, safety green.

High visibility apparel is also available in headwear with the unisex Valucap VC300A, adjustable for youth and adults. This baseball style cap features a 100% bio-washed chino quill, a pre-curved visor, and a self-fabric tri-glide buckle closure.

the unisex Valucap VC300A

Safety Green for Everyone

Safety green is a staple apparel color in workplaces where workers need to be visible, this color is also great for every day. When you need high visibility while playing sports, exercising or in crowds and events, florescent green is the right choice. Internationally recognized as a high visibility color for road, utility, airport, construction workers, and safety personnel, safety green is not just for work.

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