Casualwear Is The New High Fashion


Our wish has come true! Finally Casualwear IS the New High Fashion! Check out these hot trendy casual wear apparel items from Bulk Apparel wholesaler!

Casualwear Is The New High Fashion

Who could have imagined how popular casual wear and loungewear would eventually become… There has been no greater apparel success than that of casual wear, specifically sweatpants and sweatshirts. What would once get others to scoff at you in judgement can now be found in high fashion magazines. How could you not love that? As I type this I am currently in a full sweatsuit, and I am anything but ashamed. First, we should assess how we got here, where the shift began, and how casualwear began burgeoning onto the high fashion scene. After all, casualwear IS the new high fashion!

Streetwear Impact on Fashion Industry:

The impact of streetwear culture in fashion, particularly high fashion has become very prevalent within recent years. From Supreme collaborating with Louis Vuitton to high end brands showcasing their latest basic hoodies and joggers on the runway. Streetwear became popular in the 90s, taking influence from New York hip-hop culture and California skate culture, creating a unique look blending the coasts and the vastly opposite cultures.

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New York hip hop streetwear casualwear

There was a resurgence in streetwear in the mid to late 2000’s as these brands such as Stussy, Supreme and Nike were at the forefront of every trend and were the most sought after items. These products were no longer counter-culture; they were fully thrust into the mainstream, not long after every celebrity was wearing their favorite streetwear items. To no surprise wholesale joggers and basics have taken the market by storm as a means of clothing business startups.

Celebrity Influence:

It is no secret that celebrities are a huge influence on modern culture, the influence on fashion trends is very prominent. However polarizing some of these celebrities may be, there is no denying their influence on today’s culture and how they are bringing casual and streetwear into the forefront of fashion. With the likes of Kanye West, Travis Scott, Tyler, the Creator and the family everyone loves to hate… you know the one. The shift in fashion can be traced back to some of these individuals, who have helped to shape an entire new lane of fashion. It would be criminal to not mention their influence on this trend.

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Be Here Now:

In every store you enter it would be almost impossible to not have casualwearblank sweatpantsbasic hoodies etc. boldly displayed for your consumption. From fast fashion retailers to high fashion brands, any hue of sweatpants and joggers are readily available to us all. Luckily, you do not have to search far to find some of the best quality items to keep you cool and comfortable.

Jerzees has been a reliable source of all things sweats for years. The Jerzees Super Sweats line is of course no different. The 4662MR crewneck sweatshirt is 9.5 oz of pure greatness. A 50/50 cotton/polyester crafted by the signature Jerzees Nublend pill-resistant fleece. The only thing better is their bottoms counterpart, Jerzees 4850MR Super Sweats sweatpants with pockets. The 4850MR is made from the same 50/50 cotton/polyester blend, but is completed with jersey lined side pockets.

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There may be no greater comeback story in basic athleticwear than Champion brand. Champion has made the greatest comeback right next to the 2004 Boston Red Sox (this still hurts). Champion apparel is now one of the most prominent names in modern fashion, and rightfully so, making great quality products that can be worn for any occasion. The Champion P800 Double Dry Eco Open Sweatpants are extremely comfortable and durable. A midweight 9.0oz 50/50 cotton/polyester blend. These are made from 5% recycled polyester from plastic bottles and are equipped with the iconic Champion ‘C’ logo on the left hip. Now it is only right to complete the sweat suit. Accompany your Double Dry Eco sweatpants with the Champion S600 Double Dry Eco Crewneck Sweatshirt and you now have a winter runway look, what a time to be alive.

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Bulk Apparel wholesale Champion - Double Dry Eco® Open Bottom Sweatpants with Pockets - P800

Now I’m definitely not mad at all about this comfy, cozy transition into loungewear. Instead of spending excessively on designer fashion you can simply accessorize some basic joggers and a blank hoodie for your catwalk debut. With so many stylish athleticwear options this year I think this trend is here to stay. We all love that casualwear is the new high fashion!

Written by Bria A.

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