Luck, Leprechauns, Libations, the tale of St. Patrick’s Day!


It’s all luck, leprechauns, libations, the tale of St. Patrick’s Day here at Bulk Apparel wholesaler! A little history mixed with a little shamrock fashion!

Luck, Leprechauns, Libations, the tale of St. Patrick’s Day!
Luck, Leprechauns, Libations, the tale of St. Patrick’s Day!

Do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Yeah I thought so. Most of us in the states revel in the St. Patty’s Day spirit every year despite the fact that St. Patrick is an Irish holiday. Typically for those in Ireland, this day is a religious holiday spent at mass and eating with your loved ones to celebrate their country’s patron saint. However, in America and other countries around the world people host parades and parties. The first parade in honor of St. Patrick was actually held in what is now St. Augustine, FL in 1601 by an Irish vicar living in the Spanish colony. The next recorded parade did not occur until March 17th, 1772  in New York City when homesick Irish soldiers serving in the English military marched in honor of St. Patrick. Typically at these parades there is an overwhelming amount of green t-shirtshats, beer and more. And this is done for a few reasons. But before we get to that…. let’s cheers a Guinness to luck, leprechauns, libations, the tale of St. Patrick’s Day!

Luck , leprechauns, libations, the tale of St. Patrick's Day by Bulk Apparel featuring wholesale apparel

Tricky Little Leprechauns

First up is the more commonly known reason that those wearing green are safe from the pranks of the Irish fairies, aka leprechauns. So if you find yourself in danger of getting pinched this year we’ve got you covered with the crazy comfortable 6 ounce, 100% cotton Gildan Ultra Cotton T-Shirt 2000 that is available in four great color options: Kelly, Irish Green, Antique Irish Green, and Forest. We also have a kids version of the G200 tee, the Gildan 2000B Ultra Cotton Youth T-Shirt to help get your own little leprechauns prepare for getting into the holiday spirit at school.

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Irish Pride

Next on the list is that green is one of the three colors on the Irish flag with the other two being white and orange. Each of these colors represent the people and the history of the country. Green represents the Catholic people of Ireland and has since become a source of pride for this community. The orange color is used for the Protestant people and the white in the middle represents the promise of lasting peace between the two faiths. That being said, for those of you wishing to show some Irish pride and/or solidarity we carry the perfect blank shirt for sublimation and customization. Introducing the JERZEES Dri-Power® Long Sleeve 50/50 T-Shirt 29LSR! Of course this wholesale apparel fave comes in an array of delightful greens. What better way to celebrate luck, leprechauns, libations, the tale of St. Patrick’s Day!

Luck, leprechauns, libations, the tale of St. Patrick's day from Bulk Apparel.

Teaching the Next Generation

Last on this list of reasons for the use of the color green on St. Patrick’s Day is the shamrock. Many know that the four leaf clover is seen as a symbol of luck, but what you might not know is that the color used in the depictions of St. Patrick changed from a specific shade of blue to the color green that we see today. If you happen to be a teacher, just as St. Patrick is to the Catholic people, and you are in need of a fun idea to help teach your students all about this wonderful holiday. So why not try a hands on basic t-shirt painting day. Your students can take what they have learned and make fun and unique shirts or sweatshirts to wear on this upcoming holiday. Previous customers have recommended the soft and comfy Hanes Authentic Youth Short Sleeve T-Shirt 5450 and Gildan Heavy Blend™ Youth Hooded Sweatshirt 18500B. Both of these bulk apparel items come in multiple shades of green including Irish Green, Shamrock, and Kelly Green, as well as a wide variety of other colors to choose from.

Lucky Little Charms St. Patrick's Day BulkApparel wholesale Gildan heavy blend youth hooded sweatshirt 18500b

Well, this concludes our little history lesson for the day. Get Back to Basics for more basic apparel ideas! We here at wish you and your loved ones a safe and festive St. Patrick’s Day!

Written by Morgaine M.

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