The Best Wholesale T-Shirts for Summer Camps


Summer camp is magical time for kids. A chance to get away from the parents, the demands of school, and make some memories sure to last a lifetime. Make their experience memorable with take-home wholesale t-shirts with your camp logo.

The Best Wholesale T-Shirts for Summer Camps

Summer camp is a magical time for kids. A chance to get away from the parents, the demands of school, and make some memories sure to last a lifetime. Kids learn to shoot a bow and arrow, ride a horse, or row a boat. Or, maybe they’ll take the indoors by storm, learning to code or leveling up their academics. Whatever experience you’re trying to cultivate, one thing remains constant: camp wholesale t-shirts are a must.

Summer Camp Wholesale T-shirts

And why not buy the best quality shirt for campers? Kids can hang on to those defining moments of summer, well after school is back in session.
Here’s what you’ll need to consider when selecting the wholesale T-shirt that’s perfect for both your camp logo and your campers.


Fabric weight is a big deal when it comes to choosing the right tee. You want something breathable, yet not flimsy. With the rough and tumble camp activities, a heavier weight of fabric (~6 oz) is your best bet; ensuring your campers won’t be needing backup shirts during their long hours of recreation. The Gildan Ultra Cotton is a good example of an affordable shirt that will stand up to many washes after days spent in the wilderness.

Let it Breathe

Most summer camps involve spending a considerable amount of time outdoors in the summer heat—hiking, boating, and playing sports. As such, it’s smart to look toward a 100% cotton wholesale T-shirt, like the Gildan’s Softstyle T-Shirt, or an option with moisture-wicking technology. While the moisture-wicking option is made from polyester, the shirt has antimicrobial properties—which keep tees fresh all summer long.

It’s Gotta Have Style

Vibrant, lively colors are perfect for fun in the sun—think oranges, yellows, lime greens, and electric blues. Bright colors make it easy to keep track of campers during long hikes and are great for team-based activities—i.e. yellow vs. turquoise for teams.

>Still, if you have a very colorful logo, a white or light gray tee might be a nice moment of quiet to contrast with the busy pattern. The Next Level 3600 is a good example of a relaxed fit option—it comes in a range of colors sure to make campers stand out, without looking like a highlighter. Try forest green, purple rush, or maroon.

Now, if you’re looking for a slim-fitting tee with serious style, the Bella + Canvas Jersey Tee is where it’s at. This option, made from ring-spun cotton is sure to be a hit with campers and staff alike—the retail fit ensures it’ll slide right into any wardrobe well after the last camper heads home.

The Best Wholesale T-Shirts at the Best Price

Finally, you’ll need to think about the price. With hundreds to thousands of campers coming through every week, you’ll want to find the wholesale t-shirts that have it all—breathability, style, and comfort—all at the best possible price. Bulk Apparel guarantees the lowest prices on camp wholesale tees—and we’ll match prices if you get a lower quote.


No matter what T-shirt you choose to use for your camp logo, it is imperative that you pick a wholesale T-shirt that kids will love wearing well after camp is in session. It’ll provide them with all the fond memories of their experiences and, as the cherry on top, will promote your camp as well.

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